Whose duty is Conservation of Nature / Environment? – by Sh Bharat Lal Meena

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Natural resources are the sources of nature which are both limited and unlimited. These are exhaustible and inexhaustible. Life cannot be imagined without air, water and sunlight. These make life worth living on Earth !
However these natural resources must be used to meet our genuine needs and not our greed. For sustainable development conservation of natural resources means the preservation of forests, land, water bodies, and minerals, fuels, natural gases, etc. But sadly , in spite of so much talk about conservation , preservation not much headway is made. Most people are ready to preach but do little. For some others , duty to conserve is of Government and of other statutory bodies but to use natural resources for greed is a fundamental right.
There are many simple ways in which we all can contribute in protection in our individual capacity. The earlier we realise the better.
It is not difficult to turn off the tap while brushing or reuse the leftover water to water the plants. Same way turning off the lights before leaving room, turning off the electric appliances after use and switching to energy-saving fluorescent or LED bulbs are to be done individually. Popular three R’s – Reduce, reuse and recycle are known to everyone , But unfortunately majority do not practice.
COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges on public health and on global economic well-being of modern society. It has generated great anxiety and exacted an enormous and growing human toll. Crisis situations have overwhelmed all people. Leaders in all walks have huge challenges and they can succeed in the difficult path of crisis management by building trust, managing fear, and encouraging a sense of duty and community orientation.
Pollution had created havoc to environment and we all are party to it directly and indirectly.
In agriculture Farmers can be encouraged for mixed cropping, crop rotation, ban of pesticides, insecticides, proper use of manures, bio-fertilizers, and organic fertilizers. Soil conservation is needed to save the Environment. For this, control of landslides, floods, and soil erosion is essential.
Awareness can be created about the conservation of environment and planting more trees, rainwater harvesting systems. It is our sacred duty and priority for the human race to ensure the continuation of life on earth.
Degradation of environment has affected the ecological system or ecosystem.
Mankind has overused the power of the technology and science to exploit the use of environment for selfish and indiscriminate use.
Adapting to the environment with regenerative and recycling mechanisms is the need of the hour.
Collective actions need to be taken by governments of countries and the United Nations Organization, at a global level, National level and individual level.
Written By

Sh Bharat Lal Meena (IAS R)

Chairman BESTIU

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