Student Residences

Student residences

We provide hostel with complete facilities and security for Girls and boys.

The residential Hostel arrangements are separate for boys and girls managed by the Hostel Guardians which comprises of BESTIU Faculty who are assigned specific number of students under one group of Boys or Girls. They are made responsible for overall counselling and advise that a student will need on any subject throughout the stay at BESTIU.

Hostels are all equipped in such a manner that is guided by a sense of comfort like home and aim at quality life for our students. All the hostel halls are well ventilated , with adequate lighting facilities.


The rooms are furnished with basic amenities to fit the needs of students. Each place comes with a cot, bed, cupboard for storage, tables, and chairs.

Housekeeping Services

Each hall of residence has its own designated housekeeping staff. The Housekeeping staff cleans every day at a designated time.


Our kitchen staff constantly prepare  healthy food for a variety of platters. The dining package includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Cleanliness and variety are the two elements which BESTIU Hostels are known for.


Each Residential Hall is covered by trained security staff 24 by 7. Also, there are hot-line numbers that can be contacted in times of emergency.

Hostel comes closest to being ‘a home away from home’. The separate facilities for boys and girls, wardens and a tight security ensures a pleasant stay allowing students to focus on academics. Students also get a laundry service for an extra charge. The campus has strict security through bio-metric readers, CCTV, fire warning systems, 24-hour guards and patrolling.  For total care for in any emergencies, we have tie-ups with leading hospital chains for immediate and preferential treatment. There is also a proposed on-campus ATM facility.