Student Clubs & Activities

Student clubs and activities

The University has a variety of clubs to engage and transform students with diverse skill sets. The clubs include: Sahitya Literary Club, Vigyana Science club, Kreeda Sports club, Srijan Makers Club, Prakriti Nature Club, Paakshastra Culinary Arts, Natyavani Dance and Drama and Sanskriti Culture club. Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as literary, cultural and sports activities, intercollegiate, inter-University competitions. The BESTIU ‘o’ UTSAHA – a cultural fest organized every year that provides great opportunity to all students to exhibit their skills, talent, hobbies.

 Sahitya – (Literary and Media) Club

The Media and Literary Club comprises of like-minded individuals who have a passion for reading and critical thinking while having fun. The Club aims to support and nurture the creative talents by facilitating the field trips and media-related events throughout India. Members will organize events such as the Literary Film Festival, the Documentary Festival, and the Entertainment Forum. The members will also be responsible to propose ideas and innovative ways for outreach and to promote activities in Social media.

Vigyana – (Science) Club

Science Club is a successful approach to STEM education that integrates high quality, hands-on instruction with a deep commitment to serving our community. Relationships are at the core of our approach- between students and mentors, teachers and scientists, the university and community organizations.
We believe in making a difference through hands-on, community-centred engagement.

Kreeda – (Sports) Club

We  encourage all types of Indoor and Outdoor Sports Activities at BESTIU. We believe Sports and Games Activities are extremely important for building the overall personality of the students. The primary goal of our sports coaches for students is to ensure the students find success in sport and the need to make them feel valued and wanted.

Shrijan – (Makers) Club

Makers Lab encourages students to think big, think out of the box, take risks and push the creative potential. We have tutors and experts assigned for all fields in making.

Prakriti – (Nature/ Eco) club

Nature Club will be working for environmental conservation through events, environment rallies, tree plantation drives, and other interesting events to sensitize civilians on the importance of Greens, conservation of Indian traditional and ancient varieties of Plants and trees. It would undertake activities aimed at creating awareness about the environment and ecological issues.

Paakshastra – (Culinary Arts) Club

The Sudashastra manuscript had a description of the preparation of some quintessential dishes that define Indian dishes from the 14th and 15 century. It basically means “related to cooking, the arts of preparation, cooking and presentation of food, usually in the form of meals. Our Experts will delve in absolute detailing and will share their knowledge of food science, nutrition, and diet that are as pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate with the students from this club.

Natyavani – (Dance and Drama /Theatre) Club

Through our Theatre and Dance Club, we aim at promoting Indian Culture, enrich creative talents, set high aesthetic values from our Traditions, produce, promote plays or just tell a story from our ancient texts. We want to provide a platform to our students to express and be that constructive force in the society which will through Dramas, plays, and dance reach out to the millions of our citizens and drive across a strong message of peace and harmony.

Sanskriti – (Culture and Heritage) Club

Through our sister concern IAIS (International Academy for India Studies) and other affiliates we strongly believe in promoting Indian culture, our Traditions, and Heritage. We aim to preserve, enhance and transmit knowledge by teaching and conducting research in India studies through various means, including the use of broadcasting and technology, to disseminate in all possible ways knowledge and findings on ancient Indian traditions. Through this students club, we also aim to provide a unique platform which will bring the best scholars from across the world including India to discuss the present state of India studies, its relevance and also the challenges faced by them.