School of Engineering and Applied Technology (SEAT)


Welcome to School of Engineering and Applied Technology, committed to fostering innovation, excellence, and practical skills in the field of engineering.  

At SEAT, we offer

  • A diverse range of cutting-edge programs 
  • Curriculum that is designed to strike a balance between theoretical foundation and hands-on practice
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and workshops
  • Work intergrated programs wherein students can earn a major part of their tuition fee through internships.
  • Incubation Centre promoting a Culture of innovation and entrepreneurship 

Industry aligned programs in partnership with global companies such as IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Xebia, Kalvium, Learning BIX and other leading corporations. 

Programs Offered

B.Tech CSE

B.Tech CSE (AI & ML)

B.Tech CSE (Data Science – IBM)

B.Tech CSE (Cyber Security – IBM)

B.Tech CSE (Devops – Xebia)

B.Tech CSE (Full Stack – Xebia)

B.Tech CSE (Robotic, IoT & AI – LearningBIX) 

B.Tech CSE (iOS Mobile Applications Development)

B.Tech CSE (Software Developer – IP) 

B.Tech CSE (System Analyst – IP) 

B.Tech CSE (Cloud Computing – IP) 

B.Tech CSE (iOS Certificate Mobile and Web Application) 



M.Tech CSE

M.Tech CSE (AI) 

M.Tech CSE (Data Science) 

M.Tech CSE (IoT)