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At BEST Innovation University, students can avail of scholarships up to 2.5 lakhs each through our BEE (BEST Innovation University Entrance Exam).

More than 12 Crores INR has been given as scholarships in last 3 years.

The provision for attractive scholarships is an important element of the overall vision of BEST INNOVATION UNIVERSITY to retain high quality students, provide increased access to all and widen opportunities based on equality social justice, the criteria is as

  • Special Admission criteria for Under-privileged and Meritorious students of ANDHRA PRADESH (Rayalseema region)
  • BESTIU shall reserve 40% seats for the Women and rural underprivileged students of Andhra Pradesh (weaker sections as defined by the State)
  • 10% seats shall also be reserved for exemplary meritorious students. ( last exam attended 40% + BEE 60% shall be considered for evaluation at the time of allocation of scholarships )
  • 15% seats through NRI quota.
  • Scholarships are also offered to students who have excelled in sports, debates, performing arts and other accomplishments

Criteria for NRI Admission

Under Non Resident Indian (NRI) Quota for admission.
The following have to be adhered to, other than the above eligibility norms.
The university will also offer admission to the Non Resident Indians or close direct relatives of a Non Resident Indian (NRI).The eligible candidates shall support their application with following documents:
  • A letter sponsoring the candidate for admission to UG program.
  • Attested copy of Passport with the Visa details of the sponsor.
  • Proof for NRI (to be obtained from Indian Embassy of the respective country) or copy of the Overseas Citizen of India card of the sponsor. Resident card/Green card/Permanent Resident card/Residence proof/Employment certificate are not accepted as proof of NRI.
  • Proof of Relationship to the Candidate issued in the form of Notarized affidavit.

Academic Scholarships for Undergraduate Programmes 2023

Scholarship based on 10 + 2 Marks
95 percent and Above25% Scholarship on Tuition Fees
90 percent to 94.9%20% Scholarship on Tuition Fees
80 percent to 89.9%15% Scholarship on Tuition Fees
70 percent to 79.9%10% Scholarship on Tuition Fees
This scholarship is applicable for 1st year and for subsequent years refer to students handbook.
Scholarships for B.A. LL. B. (Hons.)
CLAT ScoreScholarship
80 to 99.9915%
60 to 79.9910%
Applicable to 10% on Management seat only
LSAT PercentileScholarship
90 and above20%
85 to 89.915%
80 to 84.910%
Applicable to 10% on Mangement seat only
Scholarship for B. Des. 2023
UCEED ScoreScholarship
200 score and above25%
150 score and above20%
Applicable to 10% on Mangement seat only
NID DAT PercentileScholarship
90% and above20%
85 to 89.9915%
80 to 84.9910%
Applicable to 10% on Mangement seat only
Scholarship for B. Des. 2023
90 Percentile & above20%
80 Percentile & above15%
90 Percentile & above20%
80 Percentile & above15%
Scholarship based on BEST ENTRANCE TEST (BEE-2023)
Rank 1 to 2520% Scholarship on Tuition Fees
90 percent to 94.9%15% Scholarship on Tuition Fees
80 percent to 89.9%10% Scholarship on Tuition Fees
The scholarship is applicable with a cap of 10% on the total seats per program
CUET 2023 Scholarship
CUET Scholarships Criteria
95.1 & above30% Scholarship in Academic Fee
85.1 to 95%20% Scholarship in Academic Fee
70 to 85%15% Scholarship in Academic Fee
50 to 69.9%10% Scholarship in Academic Fee


Scholarship applications will only be considered if the student has applied within the stipulated deadline. This in no way guarantees that the scholarship you applied for will be awarded. The decision of the Scholarship Committee will determine whether the scholarship can be awarded. Scholarship applications will only be considered when submitted to the Scholarship Committee, Office of Admissions. An applicant is only allowed to apply for a scholarship only under one category/discipline. Only a single scholarship can be availed by a student for the duration of the course. Scholarships are only applicable to the first-year tuition fees for Undergraduate programs unless specifically stated otherwise

Continuation of scholarship for subsequent years will be based on the academic performance of the students at the University examinations with a minimum percentage of 85%. There will be NO scholarship based on the performance in the final year Scholarship will be forfeited in the instances of irregularity in attendance, proven charges of indiscipline, and bringing disrepute to the Department / Institution/ University.


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