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Research has been an integral and crucial element for higher education at BESTIU since its inception. The Research and Development at BESTIU provides a highly visible research environment to students with an objective to research culture and develop leadership within the university. The R &D centre supports scholarly activities like fundamental research and applied research and development with government, non-government and international agencies and collaborators.

Over the years the research efforts have expanded to include sponsored research and consultancy projects in multiple disciplines like in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. The focus is to improve the research infrastructure and new academic & industry collaborations. The University continues to work with external partners by sharing ideas, pooling resources, and collaborating on findings promoting innovative research.

We believe in the following:

  • It is most challenging as it is dependent on good quality training and proactive faculty.
  • High-quality teaching is unequivocally a product of high-quality research. It’s a crucial evolving activity that is fundamental to a University.
  • Organise seminars, panels and lectures to disseminate knowledge on various projects. Collaborate with other institutions at both local and international levels.
  • The university encourages Faculty and Students to pursue significant research projects with the collaboration from industry & research institutions. Our international and National partnerships ultimately lead to joint scientific / academic research.
  • Student research is encouraged at all levels. While undergraduate education prepares the ground for developing knowledge and skills for employment in various areas, postgraduate study plays a key role in inculcating a stance towards research methodology and life-long learning.

Business Incubation Centre

The University believes in the huge potential of startups, It plans to launch Business Incubation Centre (BIC) with the objective to inspire and work with aspiring entrepreneurs to shape up business ideas into commercial start-up companies. University would provide conducive environment and hand hold them. Under the guidance of diligent and experienced faculty, prospective entrepreneurs would learn the dynamic process of business development and how to survive in early stage. University would provide infrastructural support i.e. office space, meeting room to the candidates. At every step, the individuals would be mentored and nurtured for their acquiescent business ideas.

Regular Activities

  • Providing fundraising assistance.
  • Business and technical mentoring by the in-house faculty and industry experts.
  • Coordinating and providing hands-on training to introduce candidates with industry interface.
  • Organizing activities/ seminars /events/ lectures to promote and support the entrepreneurial spirit of the candidates.


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