Minding the Mind is Mind Boggling – by Sh Bharat Lal Meena

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Soul, mind and body have always been the three important and core subjects of study when discussing about human beings.

The understanding of the inter relationship between these have always intrigued philosophers and wise equally. The existence of soul and mind as a separate entity from brain is never understood in entirety. The mind and body relationship i.e. how the mind controls the body and how changes in the body affect the mind has always been mind boggling!

Human mind by nature is restless and creates a world of restlessness around itself. The vicious circle of endless desires continues giving way to feelings of jealousy, pride and ambition, enmity, egoism and many more emotions. A person is what his mind is made of. The mind controls, governs and guides the activities of the entire body system.

The thinking power, use of intelligence and intellect and consciousness have given human beings the ability to rule the world. In spite of being the owner of master mind , man is still a slave to it. Humans have acquired so much knowledge yet we appear helpless before mighty powerful mind. The conscious mind has only 10 per cent of the human brain. The conscious mind sleeps when we sleep. It is more logical and is focused on the left hand side of the brain.

The Sub-conscious mind has about 90 per cent of the human brain. It is focused on the right hand side of the brain. It is associated with the autonomic nervous system, memories, habitual behaviours etc. The unconscious mind stores all possible experiences. It is awake when we are asleep.

By using imagination and visualization conscious mind can do wonders. Our mind can imagine something totally new and unique. Our subconscious mind can only offer versions of past memories and experiences. The really neat trick is that the subconscious can’t distinguish between what the conscious mind imagines and which is real.

The great things about the subconscious is it obeys orders. In fact our conscious mind gives it the direction and subconscious only delivers the emotions and feelings.

Success of an individual lies in understanding this truth and thus trying to gain control over mind without fighting it. What is needed is persistent positive training of mind, But Results totally depend on sincere efforts of an individual!

Written By

Sh Bharat Lal Meena (IAS R)

Chairman BESTIU

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