Courage – by Sh Bharat Lal Meena

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Courage is the attitude within us to face difficulties and adversities with fortitude. It can be either physical or mental or both. Physical courage encourages us to take risks and to be adventurous . Mental courage is about doing the right things at the opportune time and at will. All great people have courage to face challenges and do what they always thought to be right.
Courage is a necessity to overcome challenges and achieve life goals. We must garner enough self-confidence and courage in saying the truth instead of being a coward. Those who are mentally and physically strong are courageous. Courageous ones fight for what’s right regardless of whether they win or lose.
Courage is a quality very personal to each one of us . People who have knowledge and courage are better equipped to face challenges in life. Battles and wars were won only with courage and strategy.
Just giving an instance of my personal Journey, after working at two Banks in Mumbai in RBI and State Bank of Patiala, I resigned in order to get into Administrative Service. I kept preparing for Competitive Examinations and Cracked the important Civil services examination with sheer grit. Right through the fist portfolio to the last, I took right decisions without bothering about consequences.
In administrative services or in real life many a times courageous decisions are not liked by many. Such people are typecast as arrogant, impractical and stubborn.
But In life, as the quotes go “you are stronger than you know ,braver than you believe and smarter than you think you are”
Written By

Sh Bharat Lal Meena (IAS R)

Chairman BESTIU

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