Centres for Excellence

Centres for Excellence

ESTIU recognises the need for Universities to act as the creators/ aggregators and disseminators in the world of knowledge. We are focusing on creating multiple Centres of Excellence (CoE), which will build both capability and capacity in the region. 

1. Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI):

BESTIU sees a new world emerging pivoting around AI and which will enhance the quality of life for humans in multiple areas/ functions. Whether it is AI enabled computing, forecasting, warning, or health systems, AI will outsmart humans and hence the need for building capacity and capability. We are establishing a CoE in AI with multiple industry partners contributing to the University’s knowledgebase

2. Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security and Forensics : 

Cyber security and forensics is a key discipline to embrace in the digital disruption and One of the most in demand and taught across UG and PG programs across the globe. Government agencies need top notch expertise, research resources and reliable partners to deliver solutions for cyber Security and forensic needs as well as dissemination of knowledge to safeguard country’s Digital Assets
We need to leverage the University ecosystem with professionals and Cyber forensics certified experts spread across large campuses, research oriented student community are equipped to deliver the above

3. Centre of Excellence in Plant Tissue Culture (PTC)

The university understands the need to perpetuate and propagate good quality characteristics of crops/trees. We are setting up a CoE in PTC to achieve this 

4. Centre of Excellence in Drone Technology

Drones today have disrupted traditional businesses like never before. Whether it is covering events, spraying pesticides, aerial surveying and mapping or defence, Drones are playing a major role.

We are setting up a drone CoE to build capacity and capability in these area.