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Overall Personality Development

The success in life is closely linked to a person’s self-confidence and personality. University facilitates special sessions on business etiquettes, negotiation skills, life skills and personality development. For inculcating traits for leadership, teamwork and analytical skills classes are organised. University envisions to prepare performers for positions of leadership in an increasingly complex world.

Public Leadership

Leadership with a vision, vision with a purpose, purpose based out of values are key to education here. Youth is the backbone of a country. They have a very important role in building a nation. Knowing Country and culture is a program conducted with partnering institutions that help students understand their nation, take up societal issues and catalyse these young minds for becoming the leaders of modern India. Our Country will see its unprecedented growth and development by skilled finishers. Youth are the real sculptors of the nation and Swami Vivekananda rightly called the youth “The Real Power of the Nation”. Education here prepares students to be good leaders of tomorrow.

Imparting Skill Sets

The higher education is having dramatic change worldwide. The demands on universities are increasing to prepare their graduates to shape a global and digitalised world of tomorrow. The role that higher education plays in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals speaks for itself. Without a university of the future that is renewed in terms of content and organisation, it will not be possible to solve social problems such as those associated with climate change, the challenges of migration, which will increase in the future, conflicts that arise as a result of populist social and political concepts and the associated question of the future of democracy.

Industry Experts are engaged by BESTIU. Our students are highly encouraged to undertake industry projects, presentations, case studies, research work and working as trainees to gain practical experience in the industrial working environment. Making them ready for a successful professional career we undertake special initiatives such as Pre-placement Training, Industry-Institute Interface, Conferences and Seminars. We also do the following:

  • To provide Expert Professional Advice and mentor business ideas.
  • To prepare students for interviews, group discussions and extempore speaking.
  • Student Mentoring. Each Faculty and an industry specialist is made a mentor for 20-25 Students so that they become facilitators and role model for them. This unique Mentor-Mentee Concept allows a constant interaction between the faculty and the students.


Quality Assurance, Enhancement and Reforms (QAER) monitors the implementation and improvements of both academic and non-academic standards and yardsticks.

  • Industry Interaction.
  • Delivery of Curriculum.
  • Improvement in attendance.
  • Conducts Intensive internal and external audit through various agencies.
  • Effective monitoring and handling of concerns of Students and staff through complaint management system.

Career and Placement Center (CPC)

The Career and Placement Center (CPC) offers counselling, workshops, presentations, on-campus recruiting, job / internship options and facilitates alumni networking. It helps students make informed decisions and to plan for life after BESTIU. University hopes to provide manpower resources to drive the country’s growth engine. University has a well laid-out systematic process of meeting students’ career aspirations and corporates expectations.
The Placement department function as a bridge between the University’s Schools, Industries and Students. The Placement activities are for the students and by the students. The process is transparent. The leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus and the eligible students are facilitated to go through the entire selection process. The entire process is governed by the merit, student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the Industry.
Other Objectives
  • To establish long-term relationships with the companies.
  • To sharpen the managerial and creative talents inherent in students.
  • To provide 100% placements to our graduates or make them entrepreneurs.
  • To develop the best learning process using a comprehensive understanding of industry’s best practices.
  • To develop analytical skills to make key strategic decisions in an increasing complex corporate environment.
  • To unleash education in an environment this brings forth professional values and inculcates modern attitude.


An Internship is a limited work experience opportunity for students to understand a workplace and gain the skills and knowledge needed for the job. Besides exploring career options, internships allow students to add value to their resumes while they are in college. Through its well-established network, CPC explores and provides opportunities across diverse areas of business, academia, non-profit organizations etc. Besides internships in the corporate sector, prestigious internships with academic institutions are also available for students. Our students have interned with the most prestigious national and multi-national organizations including academic institutions of international repute.


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