Innovation as value and Innovation as a culture

Mobilizing creative and intellectual workforce for the University is no longer a challenge. The real challenge is to harness that intelligence and creative energy into developing a culture of Innovation. We believe that Universities and Institutions across India will thrive with Leaders coming out of the colleges and institutions fostering such culture.

Curriculum Innovation

Innovation curriculum engages students and faculties in education that inspires analytical thinking, creativity, and ethical business practices through Experiential learning.
Key skills sought by employers and methodologies for Out of the Box thinking and research orientation are integrated into the curriculum. Short projects jobs during winter break and summer, are encouraged for putting academics learning into practice and gaining work experience. With Technology driven Innovation and Operation Driven Innovation, we believe to bring about Quality focus Innovation to masses at the lowest costs of education.

Innovation and Key skills

Key skills with thrust on Experiential learning-EL, Hands on training – HOT relevant to, surrounding areas, with industries, farmers during semesters are further encouraged for making their knowledge useful in real life situations.
Thrust is also on practical education that would bring about the best entrepreneurship skills in Students. More focus would be to encourage innovation at all levels of learning for all depending on their aptitude for learning.

Innovation Focus makes BESTIU different from others

The digital revolution is changing the world everyday. Technology Innovation is transforming all sectors of economy in unprecedented ways.

Technology and Society

The benefits of technology are not automatic. The institutions of higher education have to make sure these scholars work side-by-side with the applied researchers and technologists. Our university is aware of it and facilitating dissemination of Technology for Communities. This University is developing partnerships with likeminded institutions. We believe in transferring knowledge from lab to land and funding for talented faculty and students to pursue research, exchange ideas with the best minds.

Fostering entrepreneurship

We believe that entrepreneurship an integral part of the academic experience and creating cultures where innovative thinking is encouraged and nurtured. We are of firm view that students want to make a difference in society through startups, entrepreneurship, and other ventures. Similar energy and excitement is also there in young faculty. We are sure that fostering a culture of entrepreneurship is the most powerful way of making a positive difference.

Academic Innovation

The University leadership fully aware of challenges in higher education. For promoting Academic Innovation a Cell is set up. It helps access to information in every way for good quality education that can benefit Society. For creativity and excellence our students and staff do innovations inside and outside the classrooms. Hands-on learning and new technologies with lifelong learning attitudes help do it.


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