Beating Stress with Positivity Post COVID 19 – by Sh Bharat Lal Meena

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The most disruptive event in Human history is COVID Pandemic. It has affected the life of each and every one in many ways. We were not remotely prepared to believe that something could destabilise us this much considering the so called progress we have made on many fronts.
The experience of people has been stressful with increasing fear and anxiety about what could happen. It has made us feel isolated and lonely thus increasing stress and anxiety. It has also tested the web of our human and interpersonal relations in many ways in family and community.
Our coping mechanisms to face the unprecedented challenges depends largely on our background, social support from family or friends, financial position, health and emotional background, the community we live in etc. Mental health is very crucial for the health and wellbeing as it profoundly affects the way we think, feel, and act to handle stress, and make choices in emergencies.
Millions of people in the world are coping with job loss caused after the pandemic. While those who are going through troubling times and troubling thoughts , the best way is acceptance , to accept that such feelings are normal. We need to acknowledge and address feelings of failure as we would do with any other loss.
COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges on public health and on global economic well-being of modern society. It has generated great anxiety and exacted an enormous and growing human toll. Crisis situations have overwhelmed all people. Leaders in all walks have huge challenges and they can succeed in the difficult path of crisis management by building trust, managing fear, and encouraging a sense of duty and community orientation.
COVID crisis may be a way of Nature to test resilience in all of us so that we emerge stronger and are better prepared to cope with unforeseen situations in future. It is proved beyond doubt that Man is not at the helm and we must not mess with Nature. This adversity has to be taken as a good learning experience.
We can only hope for future that we would become better human beings collectively and individually. Although it has affected all of us yet it is not the end of the road. There was life before COVID, is life during COVID and would be life beyond COVID. Let us remember that it is the hope and positivity that sustains life.
Written By

Sh Bharat Lal Meena (IAS R)

Chairman BESTIU

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