Admission Policy

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Entrance Exam

  1. The Entrance Exam of the University shall be termed as BEE (B.E.S.T Innovation University Entrance Exam).
  2. The rules of the Entrance Examination shall be declared by Admission Director after getting the approval of the same from the Academic Council of the University.
  3. The date of entrance examination should be declared before 15 days of commencement of examination.
  4. The Examination Policy of the University applies on the prospective students appearing for the Entrance Exam.
  5. The Controller of Examination shall work in coordination with the Admission Officer for the preparation, conduction and evaluation of the Entrance Examination.
  6. There shall be fees for the Entrance Exam and shall be fixed by the Executive Council every Academic Year.

Admission and Enrolment

  1. Admission of students shall be made on all- India basis and open to all who satisfy the minimum qualification required for the particular course.
  2. Admissions of students shall be made on merit, either through common entrance tests/competitive examinations conducted by the University or exams like JEE, GATE, CAT, GMAT, NET, GRE, NMAT, CSAT etc. or any other as may be decided or individually by the University and /or interviews for students having scholarships/fellowships etc, the details of which shall be published in advance in the brochure / website of the University. The written test if held by the University, may be ‘objective’ / ‘descriptive’ in nature and of a required standard. The specific details about the written test and applicability of Interview for admission to each program/course of study will be decided by the Board of Management and published in the prospectus;
  3. Provided that nothing in this section shall be deemed to prevent the University from making special provision / provide scholarships for the admission of women, persons with disabilities or of persons belonging to the weaker sections of the society and the other socially and educationally backward classes of citizens; defense personnel Categories as per the norms/policies laid down .
  4. Provided further, that no such special provision shall be made on the ground of domicile.
  5. The Vice Chancellor shall be the final authority for decisions regarding admission of all the students, including those pursuing research, into various courses of study in accordance with the rules framed in this regard from time to time by the University;

Eligibility for admission of students

  1. Indian Students: No student shall be eligible for admission to a course of study, a degree or diploma unless he possesses such qualifications as may be prescribed by the University for the said course of study, from time to time and in conformity with the relevant statutory bodies.
  2. Criteria for NRI Admission
As per UGC guidelines, a candidate who has studied the qualifying examinations (11th and 12th ) outside of India (even if affiliated to CBSE) can apply under the NRI category. Also, a candidate that has studied the qualifying examinations (11th and 12th ) within India (even if affiliated to foreign educational boards) can apply under NRI sponsored category.
Under Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Quota /International for admission. The following have to be adhered to, other than the above eligibility norms. The university will also offer admission to the Non-Resident Indians or close direct relatives of a Non-Resident Indian (NRI). The eligible candidates shall support their application with the following documents:
  • A letter sponsoring the candidate for admission to UG program.
  • Attested copy of Passport with the Visa details of the sponsor.
  • Proof for NRI (to be obtained from Indian Embassy of the respective country) or copy of the Overseas Citizen of India card of the sponsor. Resident card/Green card/Permanent Resident card/Residence proof/Employment certificate are not accepted as proof of NRI.
  • Proof of Relationship to the Candidate issued in the form of Notarized affidavit
Criteria for International Students
‘International students’ at BESTIU are defined as foreign nationals who study at BESTIU either in the Undergraduate or Postgraduate or Doctorate programs or any Executive programs on a ‘University student’ visa, as defined by the Government of India. Further to be classified as ‘International Students’ at BESTIU, the students studying are expected to possess a valid ‘Student visa’.
To be eligible for a student visa, admission to a particular program should be confirmed by the University. The Admission letter from the BESTIU can be used for obtaining the Indian Student Visa.
Steps for International admission @ BESTIU:
  • Fill in the online registration form and schedule a free counseling session and finalize the Program of your choice. Submit the following documents for verification:
    • Marks Card of Grade X or equivalent
    • Marks Card of Grade XI & XII or equivalent
    • Marks Cards of Graduation
    • Transcript till Grade XII (for admission into UG) and transcripts till the graduation (for admission into PG)
    • Transcripts till Post-graduation for admission into Research programs
    • Copy of the passport
  • Fill in the application and submit along with the required documents. Pay the fees and confirm your seat. The bonafide certificate will be issued from the University on payment of the tuition fees for the first year
  • Pre Arrival Requisites:
    • Immunization record
    • Visa requirements
    • Medical fitness
    • Customs formalities
    • FRRO registration
  • Registration with the police:
    • All International Students (except those from Nepal and Bhutan) have to register with the police within 14 days (in case of Afghanistan and Bangladesh within 7 days) of their arrival in India along with their student’s visa, a bonafide certificate from the university, and residential address proof at the following address:

      Foreigners Regional Registration Officer:

      Bureau of Immigration (MHA), Govt. of India, Sardar Vallabhai Patel BoI OCR Complex, Shamshabad-Pahadishareef Road near GMR Township (CISF Residential Quarters), Mamidipally Shamshabad Telangana, PIN-501218 (040-29880374, 040-29880375)

  • Fees:
    • International students should pay the fees in US dollars. In special cases, payment of fees in the equivalent Indian Rupees may be considered.
    • The student should pay the Application and Processing Fee US$ 200 while applying online.
    • The course fee and the other fee for the selected programs should be paid immediately after receiving the conditional letter of selection. The provisional admission letter will be sent only after verifying the payment of the fee.
    • All the fee can be made by Demand Drafts in USD in favor of BESTIU, AP
Discipline: International students should follow the Academic Calendar and have to complete the course as per the prescribed deadline. All the students should abide by all the rules and regulations and the code of conduct of BESTIU.
Examination & Award of Degrees: The procedure for examinations, payment of examination fee, issue of mark statements and passing certificates, and award of degrees remains same for all the students of BESTIU.

Regulation of Admissions

  1. The procedure of admission shall be approved by the Board of Management from time to time and shall be published in the prospectus.
  2. The University will publish an admission advertisement in national / local’ newspapers and / or other media and also upload a detailed admission notification on the University website. The admission notification shall clearly specify the admission/enrolment criteria for each program as prescribed by the University.
  3. Save otherwise provided, all the admissions shall be made by the Admissions Officer through Admission Committee constituted for the said purpose per the eligibility conditions prescribed for the courses offered by the University,
  4. The candidates seeking admission to a course of study in the University must fulfil the laid down eligibility criteria in terms of educational qualification, age restrictions or any other conditions as may be prescribed for it, and published in the prospectus from time to time.
  5. The maximum number of seats in each course shall be determined by the Board of Management from time to time
  6. No candidate shall be entitled to claim admission as a matter of right. At the time of admission, every student shall be required to sign a declaration to the effect that he/she submits himself to the disciplinary jurisdiction and rules of the University.

Restrictions for admission on certain grounds

  1. No student shall be admitted in two regular Programs concurrently within or outside the University except that a student pursuing a degree program in the University ,may be permitted to take admission in a part-time certificate/ diploma/ advanced diploma courses or in a program/course under the ‘distance learning mode’ approved by the UGC ;provided further that the student shall have to obtain prior permission of the University for taking admission in the additional programs under the ‘distance mode’ subject to the provisions as laid down by UGC.
  2. Unless otherwise provided, a student may join part-time courses provided he/she fulfils the eligibility requirements as per procedure laid down for the purpose.
  3. A student who has completed a Postgraduate/ Undergraduate /Certificate program/Course shall not be allowed to be admitted again in the same program/course in the same discipline.
  4. Anyone who has been suspended, rusticated, debarred, expelled etc. by a competent authority of the University shall be prohibited from claiming admission in any other course whatsoever. Similarly, no person, who is under sentence or expulsion or rustication from another institution/university, shall be admitted to any course of study during the period for which the sentence is in operation.
  5. Admission to any course of the University can be cancelled, at any time, if any material information furnished by the student is found to be false /incorrect.
  6. A student who has taken admission to any course as a full time regular student will forfeit his/her right if he becomes an ex-student of the University and will not be allowed to appear at any Examination of the University as an ex-student, except in the case of improvement, if the rules so permit.

Admission Review Committee

  1. Queries/complaints regarding the admissions shall be considered by the Admission Review Committee.
  2. The decision of the Admission Review Committee shall be final and binding.
  3. The Admission Review Committee shall consist of the following members:
    1. Vice-Chancellor – Chairman
    2. DS – Dean of Student Affairs
    3. Dean of the School concerned
    4. Head of the Department concerned
    5. Admission Officer (Convener)
    6. Registrar
    7. Director Admissions


  1. A student of the 1st Year/1st Term/semester of any course who is detained due to not meeting the academic requirements/ dropped out, may be allowed to continue in another course of studies as a fresh student after fulfilling the requirements and as per rules for such programs.
  2. University will abide by the rules and regulations of respective course Statutory bodies for migration, transfers cases.

Enrolment/Registration of Students

  1. No person shall be admitted to any examination of the University, unless he/she has been duly admitted/enrolled/ registered as a student of the University.
  2. If a student takes a Migration Certificate to join another University, his/her enrolment to the University shall lapse until such time as he/she may subsequently return with a Migration Certificate from that University, to take admission in another program of this University. Fresh enrolment in such cases shall be necessary
  3. The Controller of Examinations and the Deans/Heads of Schools shall maintain a record of all enrolled students studying in the various Schools /Centers of the University or carrying on research work in the University.
  4. The student shall be given a unique and permanent enrolment number and issued with an identity card bearing enrolment number, and same must be quoted by the student in all communications with the University and in subsequent applications for admission to an examination of the University.
  5. A student applying for change of his/her name in the record of students, shall submit his/her application to the Registrar accompanied by
    1. The prescribed fee
    2. An Affidavit relating to his/her present and proposed name, duly sworn in the presence of a Magistrate by himself/herself
    3. A publication from a newspaper in which the proposed change of name has been advertised. However, the provision relating to publication shall not be applicable in case where a woman student wants to change in her name following her marriage in which case marriage certificate indicating the new name shall be valid

Late Admission

  1. Late admissions may be accepted purely at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor in accordance with the recommendations of the Academic Council on the subject.


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