BESTIU is India’s First Innovation University where Innovation is a culture & Innovators are Groomed
Bharatiya Engineering Science & Technology Innovation University (BESTIU) campus is presently located in Anantapur. Spread over 3 lakh sq. ft. built up area in 32 acres land with hostel facilities and playgrounds, it is situated near the city headquarters of Anantapur which has an abundance of budget dining and shopping options.

Our BESTIU campus is located at Gownivaripalli, Gorantla Mandal, which is just about 1.15 hours’ drive from Bengaluru International Airport in IT and Startup Capital of India, in a sprawling 102 acres with State of the Art, Eco friendly Infrastructure that includes Administration blocks, Academic blocks, library building, staff quarters, girls’ and boys’ hostels.

BESTIU is dedicated to provide the best quality education which is affordable and accessible to students from all strata of society. BESTIU aims to be at the forefront with cutting edge Technologies in teaching and in providing a holistic approach to learning. Through our social responsibility Foundations, Apna Desh and World Forum for Education, it strives to bring about awareness about many socio-economic issues in society. Our commitment is to set up a model university, which shall be the pride of the State and the Country, a hub for the highest quality academics and research work.
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Tie-ups Companies across the world for placements

Why Choose BESTIU

University experience would give you the required knowledge, employability skills, confidence and experience to make you reach higher future career in life. Education here equips you with the key skills such as, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and information technology. University provides a world of opportunity and new activities to make you ready to face new challenges. It would broaden your horizons and enable you to take part in courses overseas and know new culture. University lets you develop as an independent and self-reliant individual. University focuses on helping you unlock your potential. In short it shapes you into future leaders by unlocking your full potential.

Innovation as a Value and Innovation as a Culture

University is aware that Innovation not only means staying ahead but also staying relevant and sustainable in a dynamic Global environment. We mould disruptive teaching and learning methodologies to cultivate new ideas, enhance creativity, encourage collaboration and promote inclusivity. University seeks to enhance students’ intellectual and academic awareness through international programs. Academic focuses with creativity, comprehensive excellence and societal impact on innovations inside and outside the classroom, hands-on learning using new technologies. The distinct programmes offered at University come with a blend of theory and practical opportunities. Students are equipped to become agents of change in local and global communities with the curriculum aligned with the global trends that facilitate a deep understanding of global competitiveness, academic strength, hands-on learning of skills and first-hand experience of the environment and work culture.
The university plans to promote entrepreneurship-driven research and develop stronger inter-disciplinary programs in priority areas. Through Centres of Excellence, it envisions to promote the exchange of knowledge, attract investment from businesses, international sources and collaborate with national and international industries, agencies and institutions.
Education here makes the learners to showcase leadership abilities, to demonstrate understanding of the world of the arts, sciences, and technology, to make a positive contribution to society, to make reasoned decisions based on ethics, respect for diversity, and an awareness of issues and think critically and creatively.
Additional diploma programs are specially designed with core courses that promote critical thinking, competitiveness, internationalization, innovation, creativity, and lifelong learning. University understands the responsibility to prepare all students for a rapidly changing job market and get them industry ready.


To create a World Class Social Impact conglomerate where learning is accessible and affordable, innovators are groomed and their ideas are incubated.


Our Mission is to set up a model university which shall be the pride of the state and the country, a hub for highest quality academics and research work. We want our students to compete with the best in the world so that they not only earn their dream jobs but also become job creators. We believe in innovation on the campus and developing strategies to address today’s challenges and creating champions of change.


Unique Highlights

Premium Brand Value, easy accessibility, flexibility in approach, good student support and focus on social innovation.
A unique location – the campus in Gownivaripalli is just about one and half hours from Bangalore International Airport and Information and Technology and Startup Capital of India.
State of the Art infrastructure with unique Experiential learning facilities for a unique Experience in University space.
Home to High Quality Education, BEST Value Education with hands-on experience.
Major thrust on Cutting-edge and Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
The opportunity of Twining programs with Worlds’ best Universities / Institutions.
ICT enabled Smart Classrooms with Multimedia Studios and Videoconference Facilities.
Flexible learning options – Choice-based Credit System, multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary approach.
Opportunities to Students for Business Incubation, Entrepreneurship and Research.
Key Employability skills training included as a core subject from third semester onwards in all courses.
Academic degree + Additional Professional Diploma – These courses not only make students understand how the industry works but they also help integrate Organisational needs into the training modules. These are offered completely free of charge for BESTIU students.
Collaboration with worlds’ leading Institutions for Summer Internships / Certification programs and Industry visits through our Global Institutional partners. Provides International study opportunities for Students.
Help learn from professional experience of industry experts in the classroom. Extensive internship opportunities available to all Students
Highly qualified, motivated, committed, enthusiastic and dynamic faculty committed to making a difference in you and for you.
Opportunities for application of the knowledge gained in real life situations and on real issues.


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?